Frequently Asked Quetions

Q: Is GlobexCam Group a registered company?

A: Yes, GlobexCam Group is a Limited Liability Company registered in Cameroon as company number RC/YAO/2016/A/3795.

Q: Where is GlobexCam’s head office located?

GlobexCam's head office is located on the first floor of IMT Building in Tsinga, Yaoundé; besides Super Marché MAX.

Q: How does GlobexCam Group make its money? What products and services do they offer?

A: GlobexCam Group owns the following products:
  • Find'am
  • Pursa
  • MyExpressTicket
  • MyExpressManager
  • MyExpressBooker
GlobexCam Group offers the following services:
  • Dedicated web hosting
  • domain name registration
  • SSL certificate
  • Professional website designs
  • Software and mobile app development
  • Bulk SMS marketing
  • International virtual phone numbers
  • Cloud PBX telephone system
  • Asset management
  • Payment services
  • Trust management
  • Supportment funds
  • Trade and arranging asset deals
More details on GlobexCam.com

Q: What contact methods does GlobexCam offer for support?

A: Apart from physical visits at GlobexCam offices, Pursa Support Service Points, and Post office box, we also offer 3 methods for contacting our support staff: E-mail, Mobile Phone Support and LIVE Chat support; available 24/7. Our contact details are all listed at the bottom of the website.

Q: In what languages is support provided?

A: English and French.

Q: What is the relationship between PursaSupport and GlobexCam Group?

A: Pursa Support is an initiative of GlobexCam Group through which GlobexCam gives back to the community as part of its corporate social responsibility program.

Q: Who can apply to benefit from Pursa Support?

A: The following groups are the target beneficiaries of Pursa Support:
  1. Low income households in Cameroon (monthly income of less than 1,000,000 FCFA)
  2. Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs)
  3. Nonprofits
  4. Business StartUps

Q: Do I need to provide any identity or verification documents?

A: Yes. For your application to be processed you must provide copies of your ID, home location plan, 2 passport size photos and proof of recurrent expenditure. For corporate applicants a copy of registration/statutory documents is an added requirement.

Q: At what point do I sign a contract with GlobexCam?

A: You sign a contract with GlobexCam once your application is cleared and you confirm that the terms of the contract are well understood. Then you keep your copy of it.

Q: What do I do next?

A: Once the contract is signed an account is opened for you, free of charge. Then you are required to move on to demonstrating initial commitment.

Q: What is the minimum amount to commit?

A: The minimum amount to commit is 15,000 FCFA.

Q: What is the maximum amount to commit?

A: Maximum amount to commit is 10,000,000 FCFA

Q: What deposit methods do you accept?

A: We accept bank deposits, Orange Money, MTN Mobile Money and e-currency payments. All of these funds are paid to our UBA main account. Once the payment is done, you only need to provide us with the payment receipt for a FREE VISA Card to be issued you, through which you can effect withdrawals.

Q: Can I have multiple or many support packages in one account?

A: Yes, but not for the same recurrent expenditure or start-up project for which an account is currently running.

Q: Can I compound, upgrade or add money to an existing package?

A: No, you cannot add money to an existing package. You can only add a new package to attract more support, each support package runs independently.

Q: Can I withdraw the money deposited as initial commitment at any time?

A: Yes, you can withdraw the money deposited at any time you want. Note however that, if the withdrawal request is received before the end of the support contract period, there is a 25% cancelation fee deducted from the initial committment and the amount already received in support would be deducted from the remaining amount (i.e 75% of initial commitment minus support already recieved) and you get just the balance.

Q: Is the amount deposited as initial commitment refunded at the end of the support contract?

A: No refund is made at the end of the contract period. The initial commitment must have been refunded partially in monthly supports received by the beneficiary.

Q: How can I check my account balance?

A: You can sign in to your account and check your balance in “Dashboard”

Q: How much can I receive as support?

A: It all depends on the contract period chosen and on the amount deposited as initial commitment. The longer the contract period, the higher the amount of support received every month. Also, the higher the amount deposited, the higher the amount of support received every month. Please refer to the menu Support Packages. for more details.

Q: When does my contract period start and when will I start receiving support?

A: Your contract starts from the date the contract is signed and you start receiving monthly support exactly one month from the date you deposited the amount agreed as initial commitment in the special UBA bank account.

Q: Can my support be delivered through a different method than the VISA Card?

A: Yes, you can receive your monthly support package through MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money or any other bank of your choice. Note that there is a transfer fee charged.


Q: What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

A: The minimum withdrawal amount at the ATM is 5,000 FCFA.

Q: What is the maximum amount for withdrawal?

A: The maximum amount to withdraw in a day is 750,000 FCFA and the maximum amount to withdraw in a month is 2,500,000 FCFA. You can withdraw as many times as you want in a day but not more than the daily withdrawal limit.

Q: What happens if the VISA card is missing or expires?

A: If your VISA card is missing or stolen, please inform us immediately to block the card. We will provide you with a new VISA card which will cost you 10,000 FCFA. Your money will be moved to the new VISA card provided.

Orange Money orangemoneylogo

MTN Mobile Money momologo

Q: Can anyone own multiple accounts on this program?

A: A single person is limited to a single account. Multiple accounts for one person are against our internal users’ policy. In your account, you can have unlimited support packages and also compound or upgrade an existing package.

Q: I forgot my password, how can I recover it?

A: Request a password reset, after which you will receive an email with a notification.

Q: Can I delete my account?

A: No, you cannot delete the account.

Q: How are my personal data protected?

A: Your personal data are protected at the highest level, and are stored in a safe place. First of all, all confidential data are stored in an encrypted format. The information is transmitted using SSL protocol.

Q: What security features do you have?

A: We use an Extended Validation SSL from Comodo with 256-bit encryption to ensure the privacy and security of all information entered on our site. We are also hosted on a DDOS Protected Dedicated Server from Geniusguard, a leading provider of DDOS protected hosting.

Q: Are you protected from DDoS attacks?

A: Yes, we are utilizing the most elevated DDoS Protection in the business with 100% uptime guarantee.

Q: I had a question, which I has not been answered in this leaflet. What should I do?

A: Contact our 24/7 support.